Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Your Learning

Your Learning

Please repsond to ALL of the following questions/statements-make sure to label your answers accordingly: (Please make sure to proofread and use complete sentences)
1) What is the value of learning?
2) What is your role as a learner?
3) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
4) What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?
5) List one expectation you have of this class (what will make this a great class?)
6) What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?

P.S.-Be specific. Please don't just say vague things like, "have fun"-what does that look like/feel like? Use active verbs.


  1. 1. The value of learning is what you make it. To me it is very important because you learning develops who you are and what your career could be and what you are going to make it.
    2. My role as a learner is to enroll myself and comprehend what I am being taught. Also to pay attention and be grateful toward the teacher and learn as much as I can.
    3. A good student pays attention and tries to apply themselves. Even when the subject is difficult a learner should try and comprehend. ALso manners toward the teacher. I expect myself to do as much as I can and have great grades.
    4. A good, quality teacher tries to adapt to each students learning ablities as much as they can. They should be able to help their students as much as they can and understand as best to their ablity what the student is going through. As a teacher, I expect you to make sure I don't fall asleep and give me homework not just because you want to give us busy work, but because it will help us.
    5. My expectation is to learn and advance in english. A great class consists of great people and hopefully this will be a great semster
    6. A class needs to be productive by being organized and orderly. To make it fun it needs to be a little chaotic and spur of the moment. For it too be combined, students need to have a positive attitude.

  2. 1. Learning is for our futures and making sure we are educated.
    2. As a learner I am supposed to pay attention and do my homework to insure that I understand everything.
    3. I expect that myself to get good grades and reach my own goals. My classmates should reach their own goals.
    4. I expect that you would be there to help us when we need the help. If I get lost I will come to get help.
    5. If you use different ways of teaching I feel like it will make learning more fun.
    6. I think if we have a work day we should be able to listen to music. It helps some people focus.

  3. 1. the value of learning, is searching who you are in life and finding out what you are good at. Also,seeking true success.
    2.my role as a learner is to be a leader not a follower, because in life i want to lead.
    3. As a student you must respect the teacher, and listen to her, and be loyal.
    4. A good quality teacher is someone that changes her learning strategy so everyone can get the best out of their learning experience.
    5. For this class to be a great experience I would like it to have lot's of moving around and do lot's of group work. Also I would like to learn how to be a good discusser.
    6. For this class to be productive it needs to have excitement and be a great environment to learn. the teacher must look at things for different points of view, and be well rounded.
    This year should be a good year.

  4. 1) so you know things for later in life.
    2)i am a student i think.
    3)funny but chill and to get our work done and turned in on time.
    4)a teacher that works with you and is chill about extending a assignment if i need to.
    5)very low expectations for the students and to have a good time
    6)be free to listen to music while working and be able to take 15 min breaks for the teacher to lecture.

  5. 1.)The value of learning is growing up to become and intelligent and success full person.

    2.)To act like a sponge and absorb all the information I can.

    3.)I think of a good student as someone that listens, does homework, and studies hard to learn as much as they can.

    4.)I expect a teacher to teach the curriculum well by knowing how the students learn and to have some fun while teaching.

    5.)My expectation of this class is to learn how to be a better writer with some fun involved.

    6.)It needs to have good students and a teacher that knows what they are doing.

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  7. 1. The value of learning to me is to grow up to be an intellectual individual with a good job so you can go far in life and love what you do.
    2. My role as a learner is to pay attention, try to understand what the teacher is saying and to have fun at the appropriate times.
    3. A good student is one who pays attention in class, does what he/she is told to do and bring new, original ideas.
    4. What I expect out of a good teacher is to have respect of students, to make learning fun, and give extra help when it is needed.
    5.I think if we read books aloud and all participated it would help everyone and be fun!
    6.)I think if everyone is respectful, nice, and helpful we could make the best class of students and I don't think party poopers are ok.

  8. 1. The value of learning is what you out into it. If you want to have a successful career, learning should be your number one priority and you should put everything into it.
    2. My role as a learner is to put all my attention into my school work. I need to come to class focused and ready with an open mind to get everything I can out of my education opportunities.
    3. A good student is someone who comes into class, prepared for the day. They raise their hands when a question is asked and are active members of the classroom.
    4. I don't want to dread coming to class, I want a teacher who makes learning interesting and includes fun things into the lesson.
    5. My expectation for this class, is that I learn to be a more open-minded thinker.
    6. For this class to be a productive, fun learning environment,everyone needs to participate. Classes get boring when the same three people have the discussions everyday. People need to come to class prepare, with a positive attitude and ready to share their thoughts and ideas.

  9. 1) Learning is to understand the world around us, and why we are where we are.
    2) My role as a learner is to understand the concepts that are presented and listen to others.
    3) A good student has an open mind and tries to relate to the topics that are given. They progress as the year goes on.
    4) A quality teacher understands the students and their opinions and tries to relate to them.
    5) I hope this class will make the topics exciting and more fun to learn.
    6) This class should have a good environment that makes it comfortable for other students and makes the topics fun. This means that other students except other ideas and opinions.

  10. 1. If a person is constantly learning, than they are always becoming more knowledgeable. I want to grow as a student. I value learning because I want a good future.
    2. I need to be open minded and humble as a learner. Being proud could be a huge flaw. If a student is hardworking and humble, than they have the highest potential to obtain the information being taught because they are more receptive to the material.
    3. Respect for your peers, your teacher, and yourself is very important to become a good student. Respect includes being open minded and honest. How can a student expect to grow and learn if they are too proud to listen to what others have to say, or to say something his or her self? Also, contribution is important. I personally want to hear what others have to say and hope I can learn from them.
    4. I expect honestly. I hate being lied to more than anything but in a learning environment I want to know everyones feelings thoughts and opinions. I love hearing stories, too.
    5. I hope that we can discuss things as a group but be productive. One thing that I can't stand is when some students are trying to learn and others are distracting. Don't get me wrong, I love the funny parts of class and some goofing off but there is a certain point that passes funny and turns into disrespectful. Obviously there are kids like this in every class but this would be my hope.
    6. Once again, honestly is important to me. I want to get to know the students around me and where they stand. If we could all find a comfortable, fun balance than I think it will be a great class.

  11. 1. The value of learning is to learn as much as you can so you can succeed in the future.

    2. My role as a learner is to make sure that I get the most out of every lecture so that I can use this information in the future.

    3.A "good" student is a student that respects the differences of every person in the class.

    4.I expect a teacher that is ok with there students messing up but being willing to help them fix there mistakes.

    5. I hope that everyone contributes to class discussions so that we can all get the best understanding that we can.

    6.This class needs for everyone to be ok with others making mistakes so that we can all learn.

  12. 1.The value of learning is remembering because if you remember what you have learned it will help you later in
    life and make you more successful.

    2.My role as a learner is to listen and do what the teacher says because you can if you listen you will remember what you have learned.If you do what the teacher says you can learn what you need.

    3.What I expect out of myself and classmates ass learners is to pay attention and be on task so that we can learn the content that is needed.

    4.What I expect from my teacher is for he/she to teach us the content that we need to learn with out just lecturing the whole time making it boring. Also to entertain the class so that we do not get bored, and for the teacher to also be excited to teach us.

    5.One expectation for this class is to be a better English student. To make this a better class is to not be a bland class if it were boring i would not want to listen and do something beside learn.

    6.To make this class more productive I think that we would have to just for every body have fun when learning by everybody be themselves.

  13. 1.) What is the value of learning?
    The value of learning is that you can become an informed individual. Having knowledge helps you to make smarter decisions and go into the world having an idea of what is going on. Learning also gives you a better chance of having a good future.

    2.)What is your role as a learner?
    My role as a learner is to take an interest in what I am learning about and put in my full effort to find out new information. Another role I have as a learner is to listen to other peoples ideas and not shut off new ideas.

    3.)What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
    A good student is someone who participates and works hard. I think as a class we need to listen to other peoples ideas and respect those as well as share out own. I also think that a "good" student is someone who will ask questions if they need clarification on something.

    4.)What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?
    I expect a good quality teacher to give clear directions and be open to helping students when they ask for it without making them feel stupid. I expect a quality teacher to truly care about what they are teaching and not just give busy work.

    5.)List one expectation you have of this class (what will make this a great class?)
    I expect this class to be a place where we can share ideas with each other and have intelligent conversations.

    6.)What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?
    This class needs to participate and get into what we are talking about in order to have a fun and productive time. Everything will be more enjoyable if everyone shows a good attitude towards what we are doing.

  14. 1. The value of learning is the ability to take in information and transform that information into something I understand and can build on top of with more information.
    2. As a learner, my role is to be as interactive as I can. By this I mean it is my job to listen to the information given and think about what it really means and if any, find any deep meaning. This usually takes some really deep thinking.
    3. A good student, in my opinion, is one who is active and works really hard to get all A's. I think that it is the amount of work a student put in rather than how smart a student is. Sure, being smart helps, but the one who will really achieve in life is the student that works harder than the rest.
    4. From Mrs. Comp, I expect her to not give us busy work like most English teachers have given me in the past. I hope her assignments are fun, and interesting. Also, I hope she will keep the class interesting as in the past, I have had painfully boring English classes.
    5. This year in Mrs. Comp's class I expect it to be fun, yet serious at the same time. So far, in the first week, my expectations have been nothing but fulfilled.
    6. For this class to have a fun, productive learning environment, I think we need to have full participation from every student. If this can be achieved, the class will be intriguing and not bore anyone to sleep.

  15. 1. To me the value of learning is very important because it helps us all improve individually. We all need to exceed to our full potential and perform in school to the best of our ability.
    2. My roll as a learner is to take in as much information as I can in school, and achieve good grades as well as improve my education.
    3. Paying attention in class, taking notes, studying, etc. all constitute to being a good student. And that is what is expected of the classmates, so we can all get good grades.
    4. I expect a good teacher to make class interesting, and understand all of the students learning abilities so they can do as well as possible in the class.
    5. I expect to improve my skills in this class and learn as much as possible.
    6. In order for our class to be productive, we need to follow all of your instructions as the teacher, and complete and turn in all of the assignments on time, and try to improve in this subject. In order to be fun I think we should participate in group activities, and do interesting projects.

  16. 1. The value of learning is figuring out meaning to concepts you have learned about previously.
    2. My role as a learner involves me trying my best and working hard.
    3. I expect myself to pay attention, learn and grow from the activities we do in class and I expect my classmates to respect each other.
    4. I expect a teacher to be fun and accepting but at the same time able to tell me when something is wrong with my work.
    5. I hope we have a comfortable class and have interesting conversations about what we do.
    6. I think that everyone needs to be accepting and not judgmental to make it a better class. I'm not sure what that looks like.

  17. 1. In my opinion, the value of learning is to not just get smarter, but to grow as people, gain knowledge form experience and learn about life in general. Education, like math and science, is not everything. Don’t get me wrong every person in the world should have a form of education, but as a 16 year old who is still a child in the world, I would much rather learn about life then about what the square root of 46 is. Gaining knowledge and experience as a person forms who you are.
    2. My role as a learner is different than anyone else’s, as theirs is different from each other. I see myself as a good learner who doesn’t put it to good use. While I see others learn and apply knowledge to themselves within the next day. Others may not be good learners but learn from mistakes of their own. We all play different roles in the world of learning, I’m just glad to play a role at all.
    3. A good student puts an 'A's work of effort into everything they do. They turn in the work on time and follow the instructions as closely to a tee as possible. Past the school work part of a 'good' student, they also do their best to understand and actually learn the information being taught to them.
    4.A good teacher needs to not focus on the progression of the class, but focus on the progression of each individual student. It's their job to teach us, its the name of their job after all. If I come away from this class having learned nothing, then the teacher did not succeed in their job.
    5.My one expectation of this class is that I actually learn.
    6. To have a fun class, we need to have entertaining classes & assignments. You are not the teacher that stands at the front and writes on the board about Literature. I think we are good on this already.

  18. 1. The value of learning is to get what you can, so you can have a successful career and life in the future.
    2. My role as a learner is to get what I put in to learning and to try my best. That way I don't spend hours in class for nothing.
    3. A good student is respectful to everyone around them, puts in a good effort and doesn't waste anyones time.
    4. I expect a good teacher to want to be teaching and to be energetic. They shouldn't be negative so that the students to feed off the their pessimism.
    5. I expect this class to be fun and engaging, not just a class for lecture. We should look forward to class, not dread it.
    6. This class needs to have a lot of activities so that it isn't boring and that would make it more fun. When we aren't interested in what we're doing, we need to find some way to make it fun.

  19. 1) I believe that there is no "set price" to value of learning. It's infinite. We learn every day through change and experience; we learn just by living.
    2) My role as a learner is to take advantage of every chance I get. As a learner, it is my job to take experiences, and knowledge from the world and turn it into information that can impact others.
    3) I expect a lot from myself and from my classmates. As students, I hope our classroom can be an open environment where people are comfortable sharing their thoughts. I plan to work hard and take advantage of every learning opportunity we are given.
    4) I expect a good teacher to make the subject matter realevent. I hate it when I am forced to learn something that I will not use later on in life. I expect a good teacher to have an open mind and accept different thoughts, beliefs and ideas.
    5) One expectation I have for this class is that I will learn something I can take with me for the rest of my life.
    6) In order for us to have a fun and successful school year, we should establish a comfortable classroom environment. Students should come prepared and ready to talk, share, and discuss.

  20. 1. Learning is a very important part of growing up and those who take it seriously end up becoming very successful later in life.
    2. My role as a learner is to not only listen to what I'm told, but comprehend it and understand how it works.
    3. A good learner isn't disruptive and not only makes sure that he understands the materials, but helps classmates when they don't understand what is being taught.
    4. From my teachers I expect organized lessons and relevant homework.
    5. I expect this class to not only have fun this year but also learn a lot about American Literature!
    6. We all need to have good relationships within the class in order for it to be not only fun but also productive.

  21. 1. The value of learning is making yourself better in all mental aspects. To control your mind and be able to obtain knowledge.
    2. My role as a learner is to learn the most important things to help you through life.
    3. I expect myself to pat attention to the important things I will need to know. I expect my classmates to be respectful to each other and to help one another out.
    4. A good teacher will make the class fun and interesting so it is easier to pay attention and learn. I expect the teacher to be fair and patient with their students.
    5. Group discussions will make this class great because when we put all our ideas together good things happen.
    6. This class will need an active learning environment. Everyone will be participating and sharing their ideas for the class. We will use this knowledge to better ourselves.

  22. 1) The value of learning is taking the things that you learn in and out of school and apply them to your life when you go out into the world. Learning should be highly valued, because it will shape the rest of your life and how you live it.

    2) It is my role as a student to gather all the knowledge I can. Then, I need to take that knowledge and the lessons I learn in school into college and eventually a career (hopefully one I enjoy). It is my responsibility to learn all that I can.

    3) A good student is one that feels compelled to be involved in their own learning process. Teachers don't give grades; students earn them. Students have to be proactive and pay attention in class.

    4) A good teacher only teaches what needs to be taught. What I mean is that a good teacher takes the time to teach material that the students actually need to know or that the teacher feels compelled to teach the students. A good teacher takes the time to know their students.

  23. 1. Learning is an important value for my future and it is what I can take with me. Everything I learn now can help me in the future with things I am not even thinking about yet. So in order for me to be successful in my endeavors I have to understand and be able to use what I am learning now.
    2. As a student my role in learning new things is to listen and take notes to understand the concepts that I am learning about.
    3. A good student is someone who does their best and respects what their peers have to say even if they don't agree.
    4. From a good quality teacher I expect the teacher to explain things in a way that most people students can understand and if they can't I expect that the teacher will welcome them if they come for extra help. A good quality teacher should also lighten the mood every once in awhile so that class doesn't get boring.
    5. One expectation I have of this class to make it a good class is that we don't have to just write papers all time. I want to actually learn things that I will take away from this class. I don't want to just do the assignments I get throughout the year and forget them later on.
    6. In order for this class to be fun and productive there needs to be some times where we can do activities in groups that relate to what we are studying.

  24. 1)To me, the value of learning is the path that is chosen to become successful.
    2)My job as a student is to be a good listener and participate as much as possible.
    3)As a student, I expect to come to class prepared and on time.
    4)As a teacher, I would appreciate it if you could explain things like assignments in different ways when I happen to ask a question more than once. This does not happen that often.
    5)As for the class, I expect that we work together as a class or a group and cooperate with each other.
    6)In order for this class to be fun and productive, I think there should be days where we listen to music and relate it to the subject we study.

  25. 5) I expect to actually learn in this class, rather than taking information through one ear and out the other. I want to learn a lot about myself and my classmates.

    6) In order for this class to be productive, we all need to put effort into our discussions and our projects. We need to feel comfortable enough to share our thoughts with each other.

  26. 1.) The value of learning is knowing how to be successful in your future life. if u are uneducated making a living for yourself will be difficult because u don't have any desired skills.
    2.) As a learner it is my role to absorb the information my teacher is giving me. If i am not trying my hardest to learn what is being taught, then i am wasting the teachers time.
    3.) A good student is someone who is always attentive in class and is constantly using the information they are being given to better understand their skills.
    4.) I expect a good teacher to put the information they are teaching in a way that is easy to understand. I expect you to be helpful throughout the learning process.
    5.) Fron this class i expect to take away something that will make me a better reader and writer.
    6.)In order for this class to be fun and educational it needs to have balance. If our class has relaxed work time and times to work hard it will be a constructive and fun class.

  27. 1.Your favorite class in 1st grade may lead to a lifelong passion. Or for some people they don’t know what they want as a career till they take a required college course that they didn’t think they would be interested in. The value comes from the experiences throughout the whole journey of our education. We learn something new every day and how we view that knowledge defines who we become in life.
    2.As a learner the most important thing I can do is apply myself. I can listen to teachers talk all day and do the work given but if I don’t find a way to connect with the material, I’m not going to remember it.
    3.Being a good student means paying attention in school and taking the extra effort outside of school to study and retain all the material. Trying your best will leave you feeling good about yourself with all that you accomplish and that will keep you motivated. Staying involved is the most important aspect of a good student. Loving your teachers and fellow students along with feeling relaxed and safe in the learning environment will increase success.
    4.Being passionate about what you’re teaching is important; I won’t care as much about my work effort if it seems you don’t care about the assignment. Being flexible about the different ways students learn will create a relaxed atmosphere and make you more approachable when we need help.
    5.I really do want to become a stronger reader because of this class as reading is my main challenge in school.
    6.I feel this is going to be a really fun class as long as we understand as a class that there are times to work and times to be social and mess around. I want to be able to be my sarcastic self and feel relaxed no matter what I share in class.

  28. I1. I think the value of learning, of course, depends on the individual. Bu when you take into account the hopes and dreams of everyone graduating in 2013, we all hope to make it to a good college, be successful, and grow up finely educated.
    2. My role as a learner is to act the way a warrior acts without disrupting the learning environment. We need to also take our leaning and put it to good use.
    3. A good student is a person who always does their homework, and maintains a gpa that is at their learning level.
    4. Well, I had you freshmen year, so whatever you did then, you should do now.
    5. Be mature
    6. The class need to have conversations that will help us to learn as much as possible.

    P.S. Sorry this is late. I don't have Firefox at my house.

  29. 1.The value of learning is really what you make of it. To some people its for fun. For others its to gain an education to have a great career when leaving high school. I learn because I like to find out new things that could possibly interest me so I can have an idea of what I want to do when I grow older.
    2. My role as a learner is to think of things in new, different creative ways. It widens my variety as a learner. It also gives me something to think about, as in what I would want to be when I grow older. Also as a learner, I need to find ways to keep me interested in classes I do not like or have no interest in so i can still get a good grade.
    3. A good student will balance out their social life with other students and there school life. A lot of the times when your to focused on the social aspect of life grades slip way to easily. For example, friends come first. Instead of using off hours responsibly, one can choose to hang out with friends. What I always keep in my head is that school is more important, and always comes first.
    4. What I expect from a quality teacher is someone who is understanding. Teachers who aren’t understanding of their students tend to be some of the most strict teachers which never goes well with me. I also expect to have fun in the class. I don’t particularly do well in classes that bore me. I also expect to do different things each day. Some teachers do the same thing every day and after a while it gets old. I also expect teachers to be flexible. Flexible in the way of their teaching. Some teachers have classes that are very hard to teach. Teachers should be able to notice what they need to do to change in order to teach a student.
    5. What will make this class great is if there is a lot more interacting within the class about the subject we are learning about or reading about. I like classes that actually talk about their homework and or books there reading in class instead of having to focus on one single thing.
    6. I wish for a productive group. I like being in a class that keeps on task and isn’t distracting but at the same time is pretty laid back and likes to have fun with things. I like to get to know all of the students.