Friday, March 9, 2012

Music Makes The People...

l How does music speak to you or through you?

l Does music shape culture? How has music influenced dreams? Eras? Generations? Movements?

l Name a song or group that represents your generation OR how you view the world-explain to what extent the lyrics or artist(s) stands for something that mirror your conceptions of how you see things.


  1. 1. Music always has some sort of message, it defines a generation or a movement. It makes people realize their dreams, or it gives them the confidence to prove themselves through their dreams. It pushes boundaries or it defines a new boundary. That's why there is music.
    2. The group The Fray defines my view of the world really well because they embody my morals and standards. They have this easygoing approach to life that I really appreciate.

  2. 1.Music speeks to me, by how the artist tells his story. when they write a new song they are telling about themselvs. With that it gives me a feeling of joy or is used to display emotion .

    2. Music definitaley has shaped culture,becuase music has evolved as people, and trends evolve.Music has influenced dreams by what the artist is telling in his music.If i artist is singing about how he became "rags to riches". the poeple who liusten to that will think to themselves i can do that too.It opens a door for them.

    3.Wiz Khalifa represents our generation in a way. he represents our generation by how his songs are about partying,smoking,and drinking. wich is what alot of our generation does becuase they may think it's cool or fun what ever the reason is. It also show how reckless we are today.

  3. 1. Music speaks to me because it shows me that no matter what I may be going through there is someone who has gone through it as well and it is possible to get through it.
    2. Music helps shape cultures because depending on what the song says it can help to teach a lesson or it can help people get through things. Music has influenced dreams and movements because it has gotten people to start thinking about how the world could be and then if the person was strong enough they could strive to achieve what they say through the music.
    3. The song Brighter Than the Sun shows my view of the world because it is about how if fate is supposed to happen there is nothing that you can do to stop it and you just have to accept that. I think that is true for life because if your fate has decided that something is going to happen whether it be good or bad you just have to accept it and just go with it, there is really nothing that you can do about it.

  4. 1) Music, to me, tells a story or has a message behind it. It is like art and can express different difficulties or problems that that person has been through. It helps me get through rough times when you know someone else has been there too.
    2) I think music and culture shape each other. Music can change because of the new culture or culture can influence what is in the music. Music influences eras by giving them something to rebel against or be passionate about. I think music can really help people in tough situations finally see the light.
    3)The song We Are Young shows our generation because most of us enjoy hanging with our friends and not thinking about all the stress that can come with life. The song basically says to live in the moment and show the world what we have. Our generation strives for the best in ourselves and each other.

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  6. 1. For me, music is a way to express our emotions, it is a way for the artist to tell others what they are or were feeling. Music is poetry and art. It can be thoughtful and inspirational while other times it can be rough, loud, and maybe obnoxious. Most of the time, music has a message of some sort for people to hear. One example is "Lean on Me", sung by Bill Withers. It is a song of encouragement. I think this song is really about helping others out when in need.
    2. Music has definitely had influence on different generations. There are some certain artists themselves who have shaped a generation through music. One example would be the Harlem Renaissance. Some musicians in this era such as Benny Goodman ("the King of the Swing"), Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and many more were the ones who really shaped the jazz and the blues. During this era, the blacks were making these movements to show who they really were, through music.
    3. I would say that one of the group that represents our generation is the All American Rejects. They are a group of young artists making music and having fun. I think this represents our generation because lot of the new artist we hear these days are young ones like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and others. Most of the songs I hear from artists like these ones, their songs for the most part is mainly about their relationships and break ups with either their boyfriend or girlfriend while others like The Fray sing about their opinions of life.

  7. 1. Music always has a message and it may be a good influence or a bad influence. I usually listen to music that inspires me or that I can relate to. When I feel down, I always listen to my favorite song or artist that can relate to what I am dealing with.
    2. I believe that music does shape culture and change's peoples values in life. Our generation is looked upon as bad, uncontrollable teens. This is because we are judged as a whole. They think we all listen to inappropriate songs and act based upon the lyrics in the songs but we all are not the same. When a young teen hears a song about bad influences they think they can do it and its "cool". If we changed lyrics in our songs to better values, it would influence people into the right direction.
    3. Again, our generation is being judged for what we listen to and how we act based upon what we hear. However not all of us listen to songs with negative values.

  8. 1) Music speaks to me by reminding me that I'm not the only one who deals with life and everything in it. It keeps from feeling alone and also can offer inspiration. There is a song for almost anything and if you find the right song, you just feel better. I depend on music to help me feel better and see it as a type of release that I use a lot. If I can relate to the lyrics or the type of music being played, it helps all the more.
    2) Music has definitely been a part of cultures and still is today. It's something that is constantly changing because people change all the time too. Musicians can express what they want and as their situations and feelings change, the music goes right along with that. They also can use their music to get a message across to listeners which could help encourage certain movements and maybe even sway individual beliefs. So much encouragement and ideas can be found in music.
    3) I think that the Fray represents our a generation a lot. Like other people have said, a lot of the recent artists compose songs about their love life and parties and don't cover many other topics/ideas. Don't get me wrong, those things are all around us and are very relevant to a lot of people, but the Fray write songs that, in my opinion, capture a lot of different issues that are real. They have such a variety of topics in their songs such as suicide and even a little about their faith. It just reaches so many different people in the world because everyone goes through different things in this generation. We're not all the same.

  9. 1.Music always has a message or story whether it is important or less significant it doesn’t matter because people can relate to it. Personally I find myself listening to the music that involves something I believe in or something that relates to what is going on in my life. Music always makes me feel better about things that aren’t so great.
    2.I think music does shape culture because since everyone is listening to it, everyone picks up things from it. Like today there is a lot of language in music so a lot of our generation thinks it is just okay to use bad language. Music has a lot of power in influencing things because it has such a huge audience.
    3.I think that Be Yourself by Audioslave is a good song to represent how I see the world. Being yourself is something that you should always do in all the chaos and events that occur in life; it is always something that you can count on. Nickelback also has a lot of songs about what can happen if people stand together and do things for each other, when others care for one another. Songs such as If Everyone Cared and When We Stand Together are songs that I think have a good message on how much we could really do if we all worked together and stopped all the judgments and other things that keep us from doing something that will help others.

  10. 1) Music is a tool to cope with emotions that I don't know exactly how to feel. Music offers sensations to the listener that inspire them to feel a certain way. I love to listen to music alone because it gives me an escape to a different world.
    2) Music speaks to different types of people through its different genres and artists. Music gives words to people who have trouble voicing themselves. For example; the music from the Harlem Renaissance gave a distinctive voice to the black people who felt they weren't being heard. Certain music can shape a generation through its influence and message.
    3) I think Amy Whinehouse is an artist I feel connected to by her message. She was a romantic who desperately wanted to be happy but constantly struggled with depression. I love that her lyrics represent a very honest view of the world and that she doesn't hold back emotions of desperation. Many artists today will sugar coat their lyrics and produce one dimensional music. I share Ms. Whinehouse's want to only say what you really feel, and I love her unique twist on jazz and blues.

  11. 1) I feel like there is always a song/artis that fits the mood I'm in. Music helps me concentrate and focus on what i have to do but it also lets me have fun and let lose. Some music helps get me inspired and go for my dreams, uplifting music. My favorite type of music is country and i listen to it all the time and it can always cheer me up.
    2)I think music does help shape culture because in some cultures they have ceremonys/rituals that focus around music and dancing. It can also set a styero-type for generations based on the type of music it is and the lyrics songs have.
    3)I feel like our generation has been viewed poorly because some of the new artists that have come out in our generaion with their lyrics. I feel like people view our generation like we are alll doing what is being sung about. I feel like we get viewed as crazy party animals that like to drink, do drugs, have sex, and go start fights because some of the new songs in this generation o=are about those things and some kids in this generation have acted like that.

  12. Music speaks through me everyday, from hearing new songs to listening to the oldies. I get influenced by the words, it makes me respect individuality. Showing the world your true self and not following the conformity, and negative aspects of life. Music is a way to express who you are on the inside.
    Music is what creates culture its everything about it. It changes society, it makes people inspired to change the life they live, change the culture their living in. Music influences dreams all the time, its shows the person listening to spread their wings and fly away. Music has modernized as well as every human being, its become less should and more electronics. Rap is very inspirational and I feel that it makes me evolve to my surroundings.
    My favorite artist is a rapper named, OnCue and his lyric that really is spoken to me is, "This life is only what you choose to make it." I Feel that this lyric real stands out to everyone's life, because if you don't choose yourself what you do in life, you can never be true to yourself. Everyone's life is different and it's good to be different. Make your life your OWN. Music makes people happy and I feel it's the true therapist of our world. It speaks to everyone in their own way. You hear what you wanna hear.
    Music is such an inspirational idea, and it unifies the world. Our lives would be very different for the worse if we didn't have music.
    -Will Younkes :)

  13. 1) Music speaks to me in many different way including beats, melodies, and mostly lyrics. It helps me get through hard times, makes me feel at peace, and mostly pumps me up. I love to listen to music all the time whether it be in the halls, when I'm at the skatepark and even now when I am doing my homework.
    2) I think music has a big influence on culture from clothing style, to geographic regions. I think it influences culture by bringing people together. I think music influences dreams because anyone can make music. Music is anything and everything from singing, playing drums, humming, or even using commuters to generate different sounds. I think music has a big influence on generations because every generation is different and has different likes.
    3) One of my favorite groups (which I happen to be listening to now) is emancipator. He gives me a different view of the world because whenever I listen to him I always start thinking about different things. It's also a very relaxing/chill music and still happens to be electronic.

  14. 1.) Music is very important to me because I live it every day. I play the piano and I am in concert choir. Music speaks to me not only through lyrics or by sound, but by the language of reading notes and keys. My father is the reason why I got into music; he has a passion for soul, spirit and class when it comes to music. Ever since I was a little girl, he would tell me things about songs on the radio, music history or make me listen to an entire album over and over. Music makes my life what it is. My mood revolves around the music I’m studying or listening to at the moment.
    2.) I definitely believe that music shapes our culture. It influences people to act a cirten way, it changes your behavior or moods. Music has influenced dreams because our society praises artists. Music influences everything. Woodstock influenced an entire generation. The rise of blues and soul influenced an entire movement. Music infiltrates our lives in ways we can’t even imagine.
    3.) Our world revolves around a society driven by Hollywood. And Hollywood produces the music we listen to every day. Our society craves music, so much so that we can carry it in our pockets. There are entire social networks to connect and reflect on music. It brings us together. It binds us as people because a song can make us feel something that no drug or person can give us. I don’t think there is a specific song or group that can represent our generation because music speaks to everyone differently. The power and impact of music in our lives has changed me in so many ways. It has changed my views on the world, my understanding of human nature and my appreciation for all types of music.

  15. l How does music speak to you or through you?

    l Does music shape culture? How has music influenced dreams? Eras? Generations? Movements?

    l Name a song or group that represents your generation OR how you view the world-explain to what extent the lyrics or artist(s) stands for something that mirror your conceptions of how you see things.

    Music has never been a huge part of my life, but I do see that music has ideas, emotions, and messages in them. Each song is a piece of art and a piece of that artist, and is their message, or emotion, being transferred to you.

    Music definitely can represent a generation, and I believe in many cases it does, The Beatles are an excellent example of this, they represented the whole generation of young people in their time.

    First off, Justin Bieber totally sucks and gives us all a bad name. I think music right now is in a strange phase, but when I look at history, I think U-2 is a good example of music that has represented the current generation (last 20 years)

  16. 1)Music is always trying to tell me something,like a hint for life or a revelation. Whenever your happy or sad music can always change your mood.
    2) Music shapes culture because for every new generation of kids there is new music and that is what the base there life around. Music can have an affect on your dreams but it has a bigger effect when your awake.Music can be very powerful in sparking and leading movements or revolutions.
    3)There are a few groups that represent my generation and that is Atmosphere,STS9 and pretty lights. Atmosphere has great lyrics that can help you understand life. STS9 has music that you can groove to forever and forget about all your stresses and fears. Pretty lights has the music that you can dance to and it is always a good time jamming to his songs.

  17. 1. Music speaks to me in many different ways. When I am listening to my music I can really connect to it a lot. Because often times I listen to music that relates to the situations that I am in, and it can cheer me up. Also music teaches me lessons sometimes, and makes me realize to not take certain things for granted, and just makes me think completely different at times.

    2. I think certain music definitely shapes culture in some ways, because it influences people, and it makes people evolve. It can also shape culture because it can give people new opinions on some topics, and in some cases it can set stereotypes for some people.

    3. An artist that represents how I view the world is the rapper Mos Def. The lyrics symbolize how I view things because he sings about real things that happen in everyday life, and he makes me realize that I should never take anything for granted, and reminds me how thankful I am.

  18. Music helps me deal with all of the different emotions I have. Music comforts me and helps me through hard times. It makes me feel like I'm not the only one going through what ever is happening in my life at that time. I personally relate to the music that I own because each song has different meanings to me that connect to my life and what I think. Each song reminds me of good times and bad times in my life.
    I personally believe that music does influence culture. The songs that each culture listens to are different and show different perspectives. I think that dreams are heavily influenced by music because of the creativity and dreams of the writer that is inside of the song. I also think that songs are heavily influenced by dreams; the writers inspiration, hopes, and beliefs are poured into their songs. Not just songs but also eras and movements. I believe that it is a give and take relationship between how music shapes its surroundings and how the surroundings shape music.
    I feel like there are many songs that can represent our generation because there are many aspects to this generation but i think the song Neon LIghts by Natasha Beddingfields represents our generation well. She sings about how she is trying to convince this guy that they can work out, but if you don't think about that part it talks about all the memories she has and some of the great things that happen in life. The beat is fun and i feel like our generation is fun as well. My perspective is different from others but I definitely feel like our generation is fun and up beat and outgoing like this song.

  19. 1. Music definitely speaks through me. The things I am not brave or loud enough to say, are hopefully said through the music I listen to. I want people to hear, to listen to what I would say if I had the words; more specifically, if I had the audience. Music speaks to me because once I hear something beautiful or true (sometimes both), it makes me feel as if what I believe isn’t so crazy. Maybe I’m not alone in this.
    2. Music shapes culture, and culture also shapes music. If you played a song from a specific time, I’m sure most people would be able to tell you what time period that music came from, or at least what those people were feeling. Music influences our generation greatly, and many of the generations before us. Music influences dreams, it inspires people. It inspires us. And in these times, not much can do that. In trying times, it seems as if there is no answer, but when you listen to music, everything just seems… simple. And irrelevant, and insignificant. That’s the beauty of music.
    3. A group that represents me completely is Explosions in the Sky. There aren’t any lyrics; in any of their songs. Not one word. Maybe that’s one way that they represent me; they say so much by saying nothing at all. They see, they feel, they capture emotion and agony and they just get it. They play it. And that’s why I know I’m not alone; someone out there feels it, too. I went to their concert this past September. In the beginning, when they started playing, everyone was screaming and yelling and jumping. But by the second or third song, it all just stopped… silence. Heads were bowed, people were swaying. Some were even crying. I was. Because this world is so messed up, but we all gathered there that night. We came together, complete strangers, and cried, and bowed our heads, and we knew that life, this moment in September, was here. Right. Here. And we felt… we just felt it. Alive.

  20. 1- How does music speek though me? I am not sure but ye it does. that might not make sence at all but iam nout sure "who" music travels throught me.
    2- Music in shapes cultures by being up beat and postive then the culture will be the same why and it is the same way with the not so postive. Music in my mind shapes the way people think and act.
    3- the artist that defines my veiw on the world is Jason Aldean or any other country artist. Jason Aldean's songs has a postive mod and reminds me of my hometown and all the good thoughts. I can not just pick one of his songs to pick lycirs to talk about.

  21. 1. Music defiantly speaks to me. It takes simply ideas and concepts and words them in a way that makes you think about it. Music also speaks through me even though I don’t write songs, sing, or play an instrument. You can tell what my mood based on my music, and I don’t have to say a thing.
    2. I don’t know if it’s so much that music shapes culture, or culture shapes music. Music and songs are based on life events, life events are not based on music. But by hearing other people’s stories and thoughts through music, it has allowed people to dream and find hope.
    3. G-Eazy's song Good for Great best describes and represents our generation in my opinion. It’s the idea of being rebellious and going against what society has "planned" for you which I feel is what my generation is all about.

  22. Music speaks to me everyday. I’m constantly surrounded by music. I listen to music that mimics my mood; if I’m upset I’ll listen to an artist who speaks to me in my time of need. Music is even able to change my mood. If I’m nervous about something I’ll listen to an upbeat song to get me excited and calm my tension. Music finds its way into my thoughts and can help with whatever situation I am in. There is always a song that stands out to you at some point and that is usually because you can relate to it. The artist finds a way of voicing what I’m feeling.

    Music absolutely shapes culture. It can influence people to do things; whether those things are positive or negative. Music allows people to express themselves. We are engulfed in a world of music so that music is bound to have an effect on us.

    I’m not sure I can name an artist or group that represents our generation as a whole. There are so many different kinds of people and I can’t generalize them. As for myself at the moment I would say the song “Wonderful World” by James Morrison represents me. In it he describes how he knows that the world amazing but at the moment he is having trouble seeing its beauty because of personal struggles. I feel that is where I am at in the present moment and that is a song I can really relate to.

  23. 1. Music has been my passion for as long as I can remember. My parents had me young so I was exposed to all their music of youthful expression like Blink 182, Linkin Park, Eve 6 and so many more. I always loved singing and learning new songs. When I was younger I started a habit of finding a song I liked, looking up the lyrics and sing along to it as many times as I had to so it was memorized. Music for me has always been a dream I didn’t have to ever try to love. Music has always spoken to me through the creation of phrases that express an emotion that we could have never found the words for. No matter how I work and focus on something like school work to ensure a promising future, I know that I can listen to music or sing and just relax as I’m assured no matter what I do, I will be happy in the future!
    2. I think everyone has a point in their life when music is beyond important. When you feel a line in a song must have been written right from your life or when it’s just the only way to escape a chaotic world, music saves every person in one way or another. So many people live for music and hope to fulfill their passion of writing and singing lyrics of their own that speak to people and will make a difference. A good relevant example of how music shaped an era, was how black slaves would sing in secret messages of their struggles, their plans or escapes, and all parts of their lives that were controlled by the whites. I personally think music has a huge impact on generations. When a new style of music comes out or even just a new song, young people that need so much shaping guidance ignore school and follow the music to tell them how to talk and dress and act; distorts their values of what’s important.
    3. Dubstep is widely impacting my generation. The true roots of music are being so far distorted but since it is so different and modern teens are all for individuality and being unique the loud bass and absent lyrics has cause the attention of most teens. When millions of teens go to dubstep concerts or raves and are drinking and smoking and partying it makes all teens look like Satan’s spawn and justifies older generations accusations of us soon ruining the nation.

  24. 1. Music is the world to me, without music I don't think I could stand to go throughout each and everyday. Music has been a passion, because I grew up singing and fell in love. I sing on a daily basis and no matter what, I fall back to music for everything. Music speaks to me, it constantly reminds me how upset I am or how happy I am, music is an outlet for emotions. My favorite kinds of music depends on my mood, I connect with each song and it just lifts my spirits.

    2. Music definitely shapes cultures, the music for this day and age is all about the crazy things we do as teenagers, or things that some people wish they could achieve. A lot of music is shaped around what is the new style or what new thing can people listen to that makes them happy. Each generation hooks on to a new type of music and it transforms them into their own.

    3. I don't really know a song or artist that represents this world, I listen to a wide variety of things, from Adele to The Wanted and each one defines a little bit of our generation, there is show music that inspires musicians to expand their range, there are the powerhouses and inspirational singers and the ever changing techno that people seem to love and hate. I think that musicians of this generation aren't really producing very motivational music, just the next big hit that's going to blow up their piggy bank. A lot of people partying, smoke, and drink but I don't think that defines our generation as a whole, because not everyone's doing that, there isn't a song that I can pin point as being an all America all the time kind of song.

  25. 1. Music is one way that I escape from the present reality. It is a time to reflect and express emotions, thoughts, observations. I love personal and worldly reflections. I appreciate the art of music. It can alter my mood in all kinds of situations. A song can fire me up for a game or calm me down at the end of the day. Music is a big part of my life.

    2. Music absolutely shapes culture. Some artist’s dreams have been only to produce music. Music can also inspire others to go after their dream. This may happen when a certain lyric or measure speaks loudly to the listener. Music evolved over time. It is clear that through the eras, generations and movements that the emotions and themes of the time are displayed through the lyrics and different tunes.

    3. Man in the Mirror is a well known song by the king of pop, Michael Jackson. I love the idea of standing in front of the mirror and asking the person you see to change their ways. Self reflection can often be the most difficult. Through experiences and observations I have noticed that the world is lacking self analysis. As humans, we find it easier to point a finger than look at the image in the mirror.